I translate from English to Finnish, and vice versa. Several other language combinations available via my network of professionals!

  • SDL Trados 2007/2009/2011
  • MOT
  • Passolo
  • Idiom
  • MS LocStudio
  • Alchemy Catalyst
  • RC WinTrans
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • …and several others. Contact me for details!
  • Microsoft Office and OpenOffice files
  • InDesign, FrameMaker, PageMaker
  • Software resource files (DLL, EXE, RC…)
  • PDF
  • …and several others. Contact me for details!
  • Industrial machinery and processes
  • Vehicles
  • Consumer electronics
  • Computers, software and web
  • Travel
  • Marketing
  • Commercial materials
  • Agriculture
  • …and several others. Contact me for details!

Translation memory software is the main tool for a modern translator, and the basis of an efficient localization process. A translation memory tool saves translations created by the translator basically as sentences (more accurately, as “segments”) to a database, from which word-based queries can be made as the project – or any future project – progresses.

This way, the consistency and integrity of terminology and structures can me maintained, which is especially useful in technical translations. Furthermore, same or similar text passages are analyzed prior to starting the project, and they can be discounted in the total price of the project. So you’ll get a better translation for less money!

The amount of supported file formats is huge. Of course, source materials delivered printed or as a scanned image can also be handled. The main tool in my workflow is the market leader SDL Trados Studio.

I’m specialized in technical translations, ranging from heavy industry to household appliances and computer hardware, software, and web solutions. Moreover, I have made translations of numerous different types of source materials for clients around the globe. Due to strict non-disclosure agreements, I’m unable to provide details for the majority of projects I have completed during my years in the industry. However, please feel free to contact me directly for further details.

Do you need your translation in a language other than Finnish? Is the source or target language Russian, Swedish, German, French, or something else? Is it a rush job, or does it require deep insight in some specialist field? I have a network of professionals handling different language pairs and specialist areas, such as medical, legal and patent translations. Contact me and let’s talk some more!